Sheldon Coopers Batman Bats Shirt

This elusive shirt is wanted and desired by many and sought and found by none of us online t-shirt hunters. If anyone can help track this sucker down be sure to let us in on the secret location. You'll be awash with nerd-love. Unless you don't want that, of course. In which case you're weird and have no business knowing Batman Shirt's secret location in the first place. Why are you even here?


While we still haven't located a perfect replica of this particular tee, a creative reader has added his own take of the design here. Thanks, Miroslav!

Featured in The Big Bang Theory episodes
S08 E09: "The Septum Deviation"


  1. I recently started watching, got to this episode was intrigued by this shirt. Looked around where to buy it, didn't find it anywhere so i decided to recreate it myself. The pattern is 99% correct, took me several day to it. Posted it on Viralstyle print on demand service. Here is the link


    1. Hey, Miroslav, thanks for adding your own take on the tee. I know it doesn't spread out towards the shoulders quite as much as the one we see Sheldon sporting, but I think your recreation looks fantastic. Great job! If you recreate any more, feel free to drop a comment where needed. Thanks again!

    2. It is hard to create exact replica, but i will try. :)

  2. Have you found a way to make the image spread out a bit more like the one on the episode? interested in buying it for my boyfriend....