Sheldon Coopers Plaid Blazer

Here we have a swanky blazer worn by Sheldon in the fourth episode of the series. He's also wearing a brown sweater, but the blazer looked coolers so that's what I listed (even if this is a site for Sheldon's shirts). I found myself hard-pressed to find the exact designer, make, fabric, or whatever for this plaid jacket and, honestly, didn't put much effort into looking for it. However, my laziness prevailed anyway when I found this similar looking item on

Featured in The Big Bang Theory episodes
S01 E04: "The Luminous Fish Effect"
S02 E06: "The Cooper-Nowitzki Theorem"
S02 E17: "The Terminator Decoupling"
S03 E09: "The Vengeance Formulation"
S03 E16: "The Excelsior Acquisition"
S04 E13: "The Love Car Displacement"
S04 E14: "The Thespian Catalyst"
S05 E22: "The Stag Convergence"
S06 E18: "The Contractual Obligation Implementation"
S06 E19: "The Closet Reconfiguration"


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