Sheldon Coopers Batman Head Shirt

Here we see Sheldon wearing a shirt featuring Batman's head that's composed of many, various Batman symbols and silhouettes. And while I've valiantly been scouring the interwebs on hot pursuit of this interesting and creative tee, I've sadly yet to nail down its location. If you, dear readers, have any information on where to find this sucker, let me know in the comments below or via email, and I'll update this page accordingly.

Until then, however, here's a different tee featuring a Batman bust that'll hopefully hold you over.

Featured on The Big Bang Theory episodes
S12 E21: "The Plagiarism Schism"


  1. This is a better choice for a replacement imo.

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  3. I’ve been going crazy looking for it too! Please email me if anyone of you find it. Thanks!

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  5. Yes! Me too, I liked this shirt when I watched the episode. I would like to know where to find it as well plz?! Anyone?

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  7. I have hunted and hunted for avail... But, I did find a darth vader and spiderman version! If you do find the batman please post.