Sheldon Coopers 'Music City' Shirt

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Featured in The Big Bang Theory episodes
S08 E02: "The Junior Professor Solution"
S08 E10: "The Champagne Reflection"
S08 E24: "The Commitment Determination"
S09 E06: "The Helium Insufficiency"
S10 E03: "The Dependence Transcendence"
S10 E07: "The Veracity Elasticity"
S10 E12: "The Holiday Summation"
S10 E19: "The Collaboration Fluctuation"
S11 E01: "The Proposal Proposal"
S11 E03: "The Relaxation Integration"
S11 E12: "The Matrimonial Metric"
S12 E05: "The Planetarium Collision"
S12 E14: "The Meteorite Manifestation"
S12 E19: "The Inspiration Deprivation"
S12 E22: "The Maternal Conclusion"