Sheldon Coopers Batman Swing Shirt

Try as I may, I could not find any place selling this DC original Batman shirt. Well, there was one that was pre-owned from Ebay (yes, that's where I stole the above photo) but it'll undoubtedly be gone soon. Also, I happen to know a girl who owns and actively wears a tee exactly like this one. Long story short, this t-shirt appears omnipresent in the world while somehow simultaneously remaining elusive to our ability to purchase it online.

Nevertheless, I did find a shirt which is visually similar to this one — if we were to switch the color, include the "BAT MAN" title from Sheldon's shirt, and exclude the Amazon tees unnecessarily Batman logo. You can purchase this "close enough" shirt from by clicking the link below.

Featured on The Big Bang Theory episodes
S03 E11: "The Maternal Congruence"
S09 E10: "The Earworm Reverberation"


  1. I had this shirt, but sadly it vanished a few years ago. I have no idea what could have happened to it. My friend got it for her husband from a thrift store, he didn't want it, so they gave it too me. U love that shirt, even more so when I saw sheldon wearing it. While watching BBT, I thought why don't I just buy a new one...obviously, I am not having any luck finding one. Damn, I miss that shirt!

  2. I have one in L/XL , no tag tho, I got it at a thrift store like 10 years ago, it's for sale, find me on Instagram