Sheldon Coopers 'D-Pad' Shirt

Here we have Sheldon's D-Pad shirt (that's the directional pad of a gaming consoles controller, for you noobs). He wears a couple of different colored shirts which sport this same design and you can purchase one that's similar from Design By Humans by clicking here.

Featured on The Big Bang Theory episodes
S07 E14: "The Convention Conundrum"
S07 E20: "The Relationship Diremption"
S08 E05: "The Focus Attenuation"
S08 E10: "The Champagne Reflection"
S08 E21: "The Communication Deterioration"
S09 E01: "The Matrimonial Momentum"
S09 E14: "The Meemaw Materialization"
S09 E24: "The Convergence Convergence"

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