Sheldon Coopers 'Flash Equation' Shirt

Don't get this one? C'mon. Do the math, people. Chemicals + Lightning Bolt can only equal one thing — The Flash, of course! This t-shirt is similar to another one of Sheldon's favorites where a dead alien plus a power ring equaled a green lantern (click this linky-looking text to see it). Only this one's cooler because it's The Flash.

This shirt was previously sold from, but that website has apparently said sayonara to the interwebs (RIP). Luckily, this shirt is too cool to die off that easily (although don't wait too long to get one, these things rarely last forever). It's available at several different outlets online. Here are a few where it's being sold at the time I type this and one Amazon link to a similar looking (but not quite exact) replica:

Featured on The Big Bang Theory episodes
S06 E21: "The Closure Alternative"
S07 E02: "The Deception Verification"
S07 E19: "The Indecision Amalgamation"
S08 E08: "The Prom Equivalency"
S09 E18: "The Application Deterioration"
S10 E05: "The Hot Tub Contamination"
S10 E17: "The Comic-Con Conundrum"
S11 E08: "The Tesla Recoil"
S12 E15: "The Donation Oscillation"

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