Sheldon Coopers 'InnerCircle' Shirt

Part of Sheldon's Design by Human collection of t-shirts, this shirt featuring circle graphics comes in a variety of different colors. I'd stick with purple, though, mostly because it's just fun to say "Purple Circle Graphic" (go ahead, try it). However, Sheldon can be seen wearing more than one color of this tee within the series. Also, maybe it's best not to chose your clothing by what's the most phonetically pleasing to the ear. But, hey, I dunno.

Featured on The Big Bang Theory episodes
S10 E07: "The Veracity Elasticity"
S10 E10: "The Property Division Collision"
S10 E15: "The Locomotion Reverberation"
S10 E20: "The Recollection Dissipation"
S11 E04: "The Explosion Implosion"
S11 E06: "The Proton Regeneration"
S11 E12: "The Matrimonial Metric"
Season 11, Episode 22: "The Monetary Insufficiency"

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