Sheldon Coopers 'Kablaam' Shirt

I'm honestly unsure of what exactly it is that this shirt is in reference to. It has the same title as that old Nickelodeon TV show, but I don't get the impression that that awesome series and this awesome shirt are at all related (aside from the aforementioned awesomeness). Maybe it's just a plain old drawing of an exploding monitor on an old computer? Perhaps it's a deep, philosophical metaphor on the futility of life? I dunno. Either way, you can purchase this shirt from the link below (the link opens in a new window).

Click HERE to purchase this shirt

Featured on The Big Bang Theory episodes
S01 E07: "The Dumpling Paradox"
S02 E07: "The Panty PiƱata Polarization"
S02 E16: "The Cushion Saturation"
S05 E10: "The Flaming Spittoon Acquisition"
S06 E06: "The Extract Obliteration"

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