Sheldon Coopers Olympic Swimming Pool Shirt

Regardless of how much I stare at this friggin' t-shirt, I'm still only seeing a random collection of lines. Are they javelin sticks? Straws? I dunno. It seems like I'm not alone in this either, as I've checked out every other online shop that peddles Coopers shirts and most conveniently seem to not mention this one. I suppose it's forever destined to remain a mystery to us all.

Contrary to my previous declarations that this tee would forever remain a mystery, it turns out that it's simply an above shot of an Olympic swimming pool. In hindsight, it's fairly obvious. In my defense, however, I'm a giant nerd who's terrified of both water and sports... so gimme a break.

Big thanks to Alex for contributing to what this one was, and to both him and Miroslav Bučko for the following links to purchase it. Enjoy!

Featured on The Big Bang Theory episodes
S02 E06: "The Cooper-Nowitzki Theorem"


  1. Here is the mitosis shirt, my own re-creation

  2. It's a swimming pool from above... like this:
    Your welcome :)

  3. It is not an “Olympic” swimming pool. It is a ten-lane 25 metre pool, built to the old rules (2 metre wide lanes). A t-shirt with an Olympic pool (50 metres, eight lanes, 2.5 metres per lane) would require Sheldon’s body to be longer. :D