Sheldon Coopers 'Nanotubes' Shirt

Another Sheldon Cooper shirt ripped directly from Like most of the Sheldon shirts they carry, it's utterly incomprehensible to my comparatively minuscule level nerdom. Here's their description of the shirt from their website, however:
A 2009 Oscars fav of Stephen Lord, Chairman of Lord Entertainment Group (UK) that produces the "Dr. Hoo" series.
Carbon allotropes, these cylindrical nanomolecules have extraordinary strength with graphite-like orbital sp3 bonds similar to diamonds, and fullerene, closed hemisphere structure. The tubes merge/align together producing linked, heat-conducting wires useful in nanotech, electronics and optics. Originally imaged in 1952 by Radushkevich and Lukyanovich.
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Featured on The Big Bang Theory episodes
S02 E19: "The Dead Hooker Juxtaposition"
S03 E11: "The Maternal Congruence"
S03 E21: "The Plimpton Stimulation"
S04 E03: "The Zazzy Substitution"
S04 E12: "The Bus Pants Utilization"
S04 E17: "The Toast Derivation"
S04 E22: "The Wildebeest Implementation"
S05 E16: "The Vacation Solution"
S05 E22: "The Stag Convergence"
S06 E10: "The Fish Guts Displacement"
S06 E17: "The Monster Isolation"
S07 E04: "The Raiders Minimization"
S07 E12: "The Hesitation Ramification"
S07 E20: "The Relationship Diremption"
S08 E08: "The Prom Equivalency"
S08 E13: "The Anxiety Optimization"

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