Sheldon Coopers 'Roboticus Carpalium' Shirt

Here's another brilliant creation from From their website:
Sent to President Obama for holiday 2010.
Men's sport grey t-shirt worn by star Jim Parsons on multiple episodes of Warner Bros.' "The Big Bang Theory":
- "The Recombination Hypothesis", 19 Jan 2012 (S5E13)
- "The Work Song Nanocluster", 16 Mar 2009 (S2E18)
- "The Bath Item Gift Hypothesis", 15 Dec 2008 (S2E11).
Humaniform robot hand, similar to humans in dexterity, 24 joints, 20 degrees of freedom, powered by 40 forearm muscles. High-speed hands. (Shadow Robot Co. London, U Tokyo, U Laval CDN.)
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Featured on The Big Bang Theory episodes
S02 E18: "The Work Song Nanocluster"

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