Sheldon Coopers 'Vintage Train' Shirt

Here we have a shirt which features one of Sheldon Coopers favorite pastimes, hobbies, and, well, things. A vintage train. To purchase your own shirt like this, the fine citizens at have put together a replica for you. To check it out, click here.

Featured on The Big Bang Theory episodes
S08 E09: "The Septum Deviation"
S08 E18: "The Leftover Thermalization"
S09 E04: "The 2003 Approximation"
S09 E15: "The Valentino Submergence"
S10 E08: "The Brain Bowl Incubation"
S10 E20: "The Recollection Dissipation"
S11 E08: "The Tesla Recoil"
S11 E10: "The Confidence Erosion"
Season 11, Episode 21: "The Comet Polarization"
S12 E02: "The Wedding Gift Wormhole"
S12 E06: "The Imitation Perturbation"

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