Sheldon Coopers WOW! Signal Shirt

In 1977, astronomer Mr. Jerry Ehman, while working on a SETI project, discovered this signal that was picked up by the Big Ear telescope in Ohio. The signal appeared so out of the ordinary (i.e., not random) that it inspired an amazed Ehman to circled the reading on the computer printout and write "WOW!" beside of it. It was henceforth known as the "WOW! Signal" and many believe it's the strongest candidate we have for an actual radio signal from an alien race.

While this appears to be a pretty straight-forward copy of the signal onto a plane purple shirt, I couldn't come across many too much like it online. But here's another straight-forward-in-it's-own-way shirt of the signal from Amazon.

Featured on The Big Bang Theory episodes
S10 E22: "The Cognition Regeneration"
S11 E06: "The Proton Regeneration"
S11 E11: "The Celebration Reverberation"
S11 E13: "The Solo Oscillation"
S11 E20: "The Reclusive Potential"
S12 E01: "The Conjugal Configuration"
S12 E07: "The Grant Allocation Derivation"
S12 E16: "The D & D Vortex"
S12 E21: "The Plagiarism Schism"


  1. Except on this episode,S12 E21: "The Plagiarism Schism", the t shirt with the Wow! signal is YELLOW, not purple.

  2. I broke it, is says Fuck it in czech; it really does, ican solve it for you. I did Zodiac Z13 and Z32 as wll.

  3. Ha,ha,ha, Sheldon is wearing a shirt that says Fuck it. Change 6 and 5 to the 5th and 6th letter of English alphabet. Put in all caps FEQUJE, pick Czech to translate and see what you get. There are two more, they say "Watch 581D" and "Last of Five" I wonder what Sheldon would do if he knew.