Sheldon Coopers Unknown Shirt

As of yet, I've not nailed down the origin of this Sheldon tee, which premiered on the second episode of The Big Bang Theory's twelveth season. I tried scrounging through some old superhero emblems and came up with nothing. Perhaps it's something science related? I dunno. Truth be told, I'm a mere simpleton. Nevertheless, I'll keep looking. Until then, a creative reader has tossed together a great looking replica for us to get, which you can purchase from the link below. Thanks, Miroslav!

Featured in The Big Bang Theory episodes
S11, E18: "The Gates Excitation"
S12 E02: "The Wedding Gift Wormhole"
S12 E09: "The Citation Negation"


  1. I've created this shirt, you can get it here

    1. Hey, Miroslav, thanks for the contribution. It looks great! Wouldn't happen to know what it's a symbol of would you?

  2. Hi, could it be a small tesseract inside? In Avengers 1, the chitauri go through a gateway like that, I think...

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  4. I think this looks like a stylized 4 dimensional cube illustration. See the illustrations later on this page.

  5. You can get this shirt here, it is a tesseract shirt