Sheldon Coopers Galaxy Shirt

I haven't yet found the location of this shirt but it would appear to be depicting an overhead view of a spiral galaxy (I'm pretty smart, huh?). There also looks to be a small dot on one of the spiral arms, which I'm assuming is pointing out a planet or a solar system. Judging by the position of the dot, I'm also suspecting that this is meant to be a representation of our own Milky Way galaxy with the dot pointing out our little position within it. Whether I'm right or wrong, I still don't know where to get my hands on this dang thing though.

Featured in The Big Bang Theory episodes
S10 E13: "The Romance Recalibration"
S10 E19: "The Collaboration Fluctuation"
S11 E05: "The Collaboration Contamination"
S11 E12: "The Matrimonial Metric"
S12 E01: "The Conjugal Configuration"
S12 E08: "The Consummation Deviation"
S12 E19: "The Inspiration Deprivation"
S12 E23: "The Change Constant"


  1. It also appears in the Season 8, Episode 17 "The Colonization Application."

  2. And it's a "barred" spiral galaxy. :)

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  4. it looks like a slightly hue shifted version of this photo with earths location circled in red