Sheldon Coopers 'TV Test Pattern' Shirt

Ah, the TV test pattern. In an age of Netflix, Hulu, HBO Now, and a plethora of other streaming services, you kids probably don't recognize this sucker (it's really a lost art). This particular pattern is the Philips PM5544 pattern. Personally, I'm more partial to the Indian Head pattern but, hey, this one's fine too.

Featured on The Big Bang Theory episode
S02 E02: ""The Codpiece Topology"
S02 E11: "The Bath Item Gift Hypothesis"
S02 E16: "The Cushion Saturation"
S03 E23: "The Lunar Excitation"
S04 E02: "The Cruciferous Vegetable Amplification"
S04 E08: "The 21-Second Excitation"
S04 E15: "The Benefactor Factor"
S07 E05: "The Workplace Proximity"
S11 E09: "The Bitcoin Entanglement"
S12 E04: "The Tam Turbulence"

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